Learn how to create your own Disney Autograph Passport with this tutorial and free file download.

To begin, you can download the PDF file for the passport {here}. Be sure to download it to your computer and open it in Adobe Reader to be able to edit.

Step 1: Insert Image

Once you open the file, you can click on the Mickey head image to insert your own image file. Make sure that the image you select is in portrait mode, rather than landscape. After clicking on the image, you will select browse.

Step 2: Select All Supported Formats

Locate your image file in the folders. If you are in the correct location, but can't find the file, be sure to change the file type to "All Supported Formats."

Step 3: Fill out all the custom text fields

Now you're ready to insert your own custom text in the available text fields. Just select each text box and type your text. You can also edit the text under the image on the cover!

All that's left to do is print and assemble! When you print, you can print onto whatever color of card stock that the black ink will show up on. Pick your favorite colors and customize it for each of your kids. Be sure to print the cover file double-sided so that the personal info prints onto the back of the cover.

Finished Disney Autograph Passport

Download the printable autograph pages {here}. Print them double-sided onto regular white printer paper

To assemble, cut the covers and autograph pages into 5x7 rectangles using the cut lines in the corners. Fold them in half to create a booklet. Staple the autograph pages into the center of the booklet using two staples about an inch from the top and the bottom.

And that's it! Take your autograph book to a Disney park and get autographs from all your favorite characters!