Judging by the lack of crafting supplies on the shelves of my local stores, I assume that many of you are surviving quarantine by tackling craft projects you've always wanted to do. Now that the kids are out of school, I'm sure you may be trying to figure out ways to keep them, and yourself, occupied since many favorite summer activities are no longer available. I put together a pattern for my favorite knitted hat, The Caitlin Hat, and want to share it with you, for free! You can download the free PDF file {here}.

This hat features a subtle polka dot pattern that is achieved with purl stitches for the dots, and knit stitches for the rest of the hat. The required skills are fairly simple, but if you are unfamiliar with knitting, I've also created a google classroom where you can access video tutorials that demonstrate each of the individual skills you'll need to create this hat. To access the classroom, simply go to Google Classroom, sign in with your google account, and enter the classroom code NFG4TYR.  

Side view of The Caitlin Hat in red.

If you are completely new to knitting, you can start with my tutorial to create a simple knitted washcloth. I always recommend starting with the washcloth because you are practicing valuable knitting skills and can still use it even if it doesn't turn out perfectly. Check out my blog post for more information.

If you are an experienced knitter and a ready to dive into a fun project, you can find the pattern below.


About 3 ounches Red Heart Soft yarn (pictured yarn is Really Red)

Size 6/4.0mm circular needles 16 inches long

Size 6/4.0mm double pointed needles


6 stitches/8 rows – 1 inch in pattern stitch  


Recommended US 6/4.0mm needles – a set of double-pointed needles and a 16-in circular needle   


CO: Cast on 

K: Knit  

P: Purl  

K2tog: Knit 2 together (decrease 1 stitch)  

M1: Make 1 stitch – insert your left needle under the horizontal bar between stitches from front to back, insert your right needle into the back loop of the new stitch on your left needle and knit the stitch.  


CO 88 stitches + 1 extra stitch. Join using the invisible join method.    


1.[K2, P2] and repeat around 

Repeat step 1 until brim measures about 1.5 inches 


1.[K4, M1] repeat around (110 stitches) 

2.[K5, M1] repeat around (132 stitches)   


Round 1: K2, P2, [K10, P2] repeat around, Knit last 8 stitches  

Round 2: K1, P4, [K8, P4] repeat around, Knit last 7 stitches  

Round 3: Same as Round 2  

Round 4: Same as Round 1  

Round 5–7: Knit  

Round 8: K8, P2, [K10, P2] repeat around, Knit last 2 stitches  

Round 9: K7, P4, [K8, P4] repeat around, Knit last stitch  

Round 10: Same as round 9  

Round 11: Same as round 8  

Round 12-14: Knit 

Repeat the pattern rounds until hat measures between 6 and 8 inches, depending on your preferred length. The decrease rounds will add another 2 inches of length. To determine the total length of the hat, measure from the bottom of each of your ears, across the top of your head, and divide that number in 2.  For example, when I measure my head from ear to ear, the number is about 17 inches. Divide that in half and the number is 8.5. The decrease rounds take up about 2 inches, so I want the body of the hat, including the brim, to be about 6.5 inches.    


Round 1: [K10, K2tog] repeat to end  

Round 2: [K9, K2tog] repeat to end  

Round 3: [K8, K2tog] repeat to end  

Round 4: [K7, K2tog] repeat to end  

Round 5: [K6, K2tog] repeat to end  

Round 6: [K5, K2tog] repeat to end  

Round 7: [K4, K2tog] repeat to end  

Round 8: [K3, K2tog] repeat to end  

Round 9: [K2, K2tog] repeat to end  

Round 10: [K1, K2tog] repeat to end  

Round 11: [K2tog] repeat to end  

Bind off by pulling working yarn through remaining stitch loops with yarn needle.  

Weave in the ends and you’re done!  

Finished knitted hat